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Locavore Delivery Foodshed Partner: Savory Spice, Boulder, CO

“I moved to Colorado from Georgia in 1999 and before my Savory years spent 15 years in the restaurant business. I developed a passion for food, history, culture, and travel at an early age and after a stint in the Peace Corps and as a Resident Manager my career with Savory Spice Shop began in […]

How to: Corn your own beef

  How to “Corn” your own beef. A couple facts about Corned Beef, just to wet your whistle: No Corn is used in this process. “Corned” likely came from an Olde English word for Salt. At its core, corned beef is pickled beef. Corned Beef is decidedly NOT an Irish staple, historically. This Corned Beef […]

Locavore Delivery Processing Partner: Innovative Foods, Evans, CO

At Innovative Foods, our mission is to provide safe, wholesome, high-quality meat products and by-products from humanely raised livestock provided by local and regional family farms and ranches. Innovative Foods is a USDA inspected, custom meat processing facility. They strive to be the best in the business, with their highest priorities being quality products and […]

Locavore Delivery Foodshed Partner: McCauley Family Farm, Longmont, CO

“Our mission is to serve fresh wholesome foods that replenish and nourish people and soil. Eat from a thriving, beautiful whole farm ecosystem in Boulder County!” Marcus McCauley, Farm Manager McCauley Family Farm, a Certified Organic farm located right here in Boulder County, is dedicated to creating community through food.  Along with the high mountain snowmelt that […]

Locavore Delivery Foodshed Partner: Koberstein Farms, Holyoke, CO

“Our beef is raised right here in the North Eastern Plains of Holyoke, Colorado. All animals are born here, grown in big grass fields and then finished on an all natural diet of alfalfa hay and oat grass on our farm. We do not spray any chemicals on the hay that we feed the animals. […]

Locavore Delivery Foodshed Partner: Wachtel Station, Roggen, CO

“The Wachtel Station farm is a farm named after and located on the site of a former post station called “Wachtel” which operated more than 100 years ago.  The farm has been in the family for more than half a century. If you have never experienced Berkshire pork, you owe it to yourself to try Wachtel […]