Our story is pretty simple really, we just wanted to buy some high quality locally sourced food.  Sounds easy enough.

First, we tried to make it to the farmers market every week….in theory it sounded awesome. The reality is, we made it about twice a month, and mostly just to eat falafel and sit in the grass with our friends. We loved talking with the local farmers and ranchers but the farmers market just was not convenient enough for us to buy the bulk of our food there.

Then, we committed to buying local food at our local grocery store, but, after a few weeks of spending our Whole Paycheck doing that- we figured there had to be a less expensive way that offered the same transparency we found at the farmers market.

So, we went in with some friends to buy a cow. Oh boy, did we ever.  We found ourselves in a position where we had to purchase an entire cow, from an unknown source, of unknown quality, requiring a huge outlay of cash, and ½ of a day to pick it up, and we needed a big freezer to put it in when we got home.  In this adventure, we had to make countless blind decisions including what breed we wanted to buy,  how we would have it cut at the butcher, if the price we were paying was fair, etc, etc. More than once we filled our freezer with hundreds of lbs. of locally raised meat that just did not taste very good, that we paid way too much for and that we were not completely sure of its history.

You should never have to eat the worlds toughest steak just because we did.

We have learned a lot since then. We started Locavore Delivery to make the process of buying locally sourced foods transparent, affordable and as convenient as possible: direct to your door, in small quantities, and with our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee.