What we do

100% Local

Eating local is better for you, your community, and the environment. We exclusively offer only 100% local meats. Our salmon is from a Colorado based 3rd generation Alaskan fisherman.

Legit Farm to Table

Farm to Table is about knowing who raised your meat, how they raised it, and being able to see it yourself. We offer ranch tours to all our ranch partners 2x a year.

Pasture Raised Quality

Small, family run farms offer a level of quality and trust that grocery store meat can’t compete with. And, it tastes better.

  • We believe the fewer people that touch your food, the better.
  • We believe that knowing your farmer, and the practices they use is the best way to ensure the quality of your food.
  • We believe that we all have an active roll to play in growing and maintaining a robust local food system that benefits everyone.

We deliver subscriptions of exclusively local meats from family farms in Colorado and wild Salmon caught by Colorado based fisherman.

McCauley Family Farm
Longmont, Colorado
Sangres Best Beef
Westcliffe, Colorado
Wachtel Station
Roggen, Colorado
Innovative Foods
Evans, Colorado
Koberstein Farms
Holyoke, CO
Alaska Direct
Bristol Bay, AK

The best quality food comes from a pasture, not a factory. We deliver only the highest quality meats and salmon available.

Pasture Raised Grass Fed Beef

Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Pork

Premium Wild Caught, Flash Frozen Wild Sockeye Salmon

GMO Free Pasture Raised Chicken

“Best pork ever...

These Berkshire pork chops are some of the best I have had ever. There is no comparison with regular pork. It is unbeleivable how tasty and succulent these are. I fried them on cast iron with cajun seasoning.”

A. Hill  Golden, CO


1. choose your subscription

Now that you have chosen to eat healthy, local meat- choose from 5 different chef curated boxes or, you can curate your own custom box!

2. customize your order

You can omit anything you do not want to eat (pork, sugar, spicy foods, gluten, dairy..etc) and you can add recurring items to your monthly subscription that you and your family eats more of!

3. free monthly home delivery

Your order comes each month packaged in a simple, recyclable paper bag- not a box full of styrofoam like some national meat companies. We deliver in our own vans, driven by a member of our team that cares about your food as much as you do.