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Locavore Deluxe
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    Heritage Breed Pork Loose Breakfast Sausage
    1 lbs
    Do you love a good breakfast sausage? Good, so do we. This is definitely a Locavore fan favorite for making breakfast burritos or your own patties. We use only the finest pasture-raised Heritage Breed Pork that’s raised right here locally. It’s seasoned to perfection, free of antibiotics and hormones, and loosely packaged in 1lb vacuum-sealed pouches. [More]
    Uncured Habanero Bacon
    1 lbs
    Our spiciest bacon. We find it a little aggressive for breakfast, but perfect for burgers or bloodys. It’s uncured, nitrite and nitrate-free, thick cut, award-winning. Made from pork sourced from small family farms, no added hormones or antibiotics, and conveniently vacuum-sealed in 1 lb packs. [More]
    T-Bone Steaks
    5 lbs
    These are stellar. 100% grass-finished, antibiotic and hormone free. 4-5 steaks per 5lb package, each steak is individually vacuum-sealed. [More]

Excellent! Good value, great service, and great taste. I am looking forward to trying other items. Thank you!

— David J., Denver, CO

Awesome pork chops! We just got our first delivery and went right for the thick pork chops. They are just awesome! I am so happy to have found Locavore Delivery!

— Patricia C., Golden, CO

Excellent! Great taste, great price and who can beat Free Delivery!

— Lisa J., Westminister, CO

AMAZING! Great quality at amazing prices.

— Rachel B., Boulder, CO

So good! This bacon is worth every cent. Slices ar over-sized so you get fewer pieces per pound, but each slice is a party in your mouth.

— Jacob S., Boulder, CO

Awesomeness! Everything I buy and eat from Locavore so far has been AWESOME!!!!!

— Rachel L., Boulder, CO

WOW what a dinner, I mean we have never had this combo and the bacon turned these potatoes into AWESOME! I didn’t even put butter on the potatoes. The subtle bit of the Habanero dry rub was perfect..in fact I went back for seconds.

— John B., Denver, CO

Best pork ever… These Berkshire pork chops are some of the best meat I have had ever. There is no comparison with regular pork. It is unbelievable how tasty and succulent these are. I fried them on cast iron with cajun seasoning.

— A. Hill, Golden, CO

I’ve had the monthly delivery from Locavore for several months now. It is awesome! As a farm kid living in the city, Locavore has been a huge find for me. If you’re looking for really fresh, tasty meat, Locavore is it!

— S. Stout, Lafayette, CO

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