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    Uncured Habanero Bacon
    1 lbs
    Seriously spicy bacon! We combine the best uncured, nitrite and nitrate-free thick cut Tender Belly bacon with extra spicy habanero to give your tastebuds the ride of their lives. Our pork is sourced from small family farms with no added hormones or antibiotics and comes vacuum sealed in 1lb packs. So go ahead, throw that green chile to the curb, because you certainly won’t need it with this spicy perfection. [More]
    Grass Finished Brisket
    2.5-3 lbs
    This is the tastiest beef around! Rich, grass fed flavor. 100% grass finished. Antibiotic and hormone free. Hand Trimmed, half brisket with 1/4" fat cap. Vacuum sealed. Perfect for slow cooking with a smoker or in the oven. [More]
    T-Bone Steak
    5 lbs
    T-Bones are the best of both worlds, comprised of the easy-to-cook and flavorful strip with the buttery, silky tenderloin. Why choose between tenderloin and strip? Make your mouth happy and choose both!100% grass-finished, antibiotic and hormone free. 5lb packages, each steak is individually vacuum-sealed. [More]

Excellent! Good value, great service, and great taste. I am looking forward to trying other items. Thank you!

— David J., Denver, CO

Awesome pork chops! We just got our first delivery and went right for the thick pork chops. They are just awesome! I am so happy to have found Locavore Delivery!

— Patricia C., Golden, CO

Excellent! Great taste, great price and who can beat Free Delivery!

— Lisa J., Westminister, CO

AMAZING! Great quality at amazing prices.

— Rachel B., Boulder, CO

So good! This bacon is worth every cent. Slices ar over-sized so you get fewer pieces per pound, but each slice is a party in your mouth.

— Jacob S., Boulder, CO

Awesomeness! Everything I buy and eat from Locavore so far has been AWESOME!!!!!

— Rachel L., Boulder, CO

WOW what a dinner, I mean we have never had this combo and the bacon turned these potatoes into AWESOME! I didn’t even put butter on the potatoes. The subtle bit of the Habanero dry rub was perfect..in fact I went back for seconds.

— John B., Denver, CO

Best pork ever… These Berkshire pork chops are some of the best meat I have had ever. There is no comparison with regular pork. It is unbelievable how tasty and succulent these are. I fried them on cast iron with cajun seasoning.

— A. Hill, Golden, CO

I’ve had the monthly delivery from Locavore for several months now. It is awesome! As a farm kid living in the city, Locavore has been a huge find for me. If you’re looking for really fresh, tasty meat, Locavore is it!

— S. Stout, Lafayette, CO


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If you like surprises, this package is for you. Who knows what you are going to get....anything from beef tenderloin to tongue, from oxtail to pork tenderloin to the best bacon you have ever tasted. Anything is fair game here, you are sure to get a wonderful surprise!