We want to convert you to our “Eat Local, Be a Locavore” way of life, because it’s pretty awesome. And tasty.

We have three core values of Trust, Transparency, and Convenience, and our promise to you is that we will uphold these values in every way possible – all while providing your bacon fix.


We believe that trust and accountability are the most important qualities you can hold as a company. We’re real people that you can talk to; we live near you and eat what you eat. You can ask any question at any time. There are no 800 numbers, no corporate jargon, no canned answers, and no stuffy social media. Want to chat? Like right now? Talk to us here.


It’s important to know exactly where your food comes from and how it was processed. We believe that the fewer people touch your food, the better – that’s why we work directly with ranchers and deliver straight to you. We feel that small family farmers know best, and that you know your family best; we simply provide the information you need to make educated, health and environmentally-conscious decisions about what you eat.

Want to see exactly where your food comes from? Awesome! Check out our Ranch Partners. We also hold several ranch tours throughout the year and would love to have you come along!


We deliver your food straight to your home or to select Cross-fit Gyms. Your curated subscription arrives monthly, and is guaranteed to taste delicious. You cannot find meats of this quality at your grocery store.

CRAIG TABER Founder and Chief Bacon Enthusiast

I grew up in a small farm town in Upstate New York, where I slaved away in family restaurants. After a brief stint in the Navy, I opened a restaurant in Kailua, Hawaii called Zias Cafe as the Executive Chef. Zias opened in 1999 and is still open today.

Zias is where I learned to get really creative with local, farm to table grub, as fisherman and local producers would come by each week with whatever was good and available and I would work it into the menu.

After a few corporate and government jobs, I graduated from CU Boulder’s Economics Department. During that time, I was an employee and partner at Boulder based electric bike manufacturer Optibike, where as VP of Marketing we created a global brand and sold worldwide.

In 2014 I decided to return to what I was most passionate about, food, community, and dorking out over logistics problems- and I started Locavore Delivery. Our original vision was to create a platform to connect local producers and consumers with trust, transparency, and convenience.

I believe that with a successful company, everyone we interact with should win. Our customers, our ranch partners, our employees, and our community.

KELLY FREY Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Colorado. My family runs McGuckin Hardware, a local community focused joint known for having everything you could possibly need and a reputation for having some of the best customer service around. McGuckins is where I first learned the importance of a personal touch to service as well as how vital it is to have a strong local community.

Besides hardware, my family has strong agricultural ties as my relatives were some of the first settlers and ranchers in Lafayette, CO. I have a deep appreciation and love for the land and everything that lives and grows along the Front Range.

I studied Environmental Sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder and attended Naropa University for my M.A. in Environmental Leadership. Throughout my college years I worked as a barista where I began my career in food and beverage.

I’m now back in CO and found a connection with Locavore Delivery where we’re creating a community of folks who care deeply about what we eat, where and how it was raised, and everyone who contributed to the process of getting that food to our plates.

At Locavore I have the pleasure of creating and evolving systems, connecting daily with our community of Locavore’s, and spreading the word out about our unique subscription service!

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