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Yes! Simply login to your account and from your client dashboard you have the ability to view all of your orders, what is coming in your next order, make any needed adjustments, as well as make any needed logistic adjustments to your account such as your delivery address or phone number change.
Yes, definitely! Simply log in to your account and you can select to put a hold on your order for a specific date range or cancel if need be. It is that easy. No hidden fees or penalties.


Our Products

We offer the true snout-to-tail experience, just as you would get from buying a whole animal. However, we save you freezer space and all of those random cuts that end up freezer burnt (because you couldn't eat them quick enough!) or cast aside because they are just not your favorites. We buy whole animals so that you do not have to. Throughout the year you will receive practically every cut you can imagine and you are always welcome to take things out of your order that you do not wish to receive or add more of the items your household loves.
None of our products are certified organic. ALL of our products are from small, owner-operated local ranches that raise their animals in pasture. For small farms, getting "certified" is super expensive. We offer fully transparent ranch tours to all of our suppliers, and we think you will find they are "beyond organic!"
Yes! We work exclusively with small, family operated local producers. The only exception is our salmon which is wild caught Sockeye from Alaska that is caught each season by our good friend who grew up in Alaska and now lives here in Colorado. Our producers are all located in Colorado or right across the state lines in neighboring Wyoming or Kansas.
The issue with local Colorado fish is there is little to no processing available in Colorado, so we cannot resell fish that is out there (but not processed by legit processors). There are some super small aquaponics producers, but no one processing a production volume to support reselling. When it comes to farmed fish (as opposed to wild caught), we won't sell it until the industry as whole figures out how to do it sustainably, at scale without destroying ecosystems.
We have liver, heart, tongue. We do not have brain, tripe, etc. There are two sides to processing, the hot end where the animal is killed, gutted, blood drained, and hooves and head cut off. The meat and bones are then sent to the cold end for processing. All of the items stripped on the hot end are classified unusable by the USDA with the exception of liver and heart. There are bacteria, etc. that can stay on the items (mad cow disease in the brain, bacteria on the intestines, etc.). Small independent processors have no flexibility with this and this is who we work with.
Yes, we always work with our producers to bring in some limited quantities of special holiday cuts such as whole beef tenderloins and rib roasts. Keep an eye on our newsletter and the Seasonal Market around the holidays for availability on these items.



We offer flexible delivery options! If you live in Denver or Boulder we've partnered with local businesses to offer convenient pickup locations in each of those areas. Additionally, we like to suggest delivery to a place of work if that is within our delivery area or special instructions on your order for our driver to follow to make your home delivery possible. We have many clients who live in condos or apartments that have special delivery instructions for our driver (ex. "I work at home so please knock on the door." "The code to enter the building is #1234, and we live on the fourth floor." "Please leave my order with the concierge at the front desk.")
We do not supply coolers and ask that you please put one out to accept your delivery in. Your cooler should be large enough to fit a packed brown paper grocery bag. There is no need to include ice in your cooler as the meat is delivered frozen so it will stay cold as long as it is in a cooler and in the shade. If you need to leave any special instructions for our delivery driver as to where your cooler is located, please let us know or add them in your client dashboard. If you forget to put a cooler out, we do have a few loaners. Our driver will contact you and take a cooler deposit if they need to leave a loaner cooler at your address.
All of our meat is vacuum sealed in plastic packages to preserve freshness. However, that is as far as the plastic goes. We pack orders in simple brown paper bags and do not use any styrofoam or other packing materials. Since we only offer local delivery, straight from our warehouse to your house, and our meat is delivered frozen, we are able to keep our packaging to a minimum!
Yes, during the holiday months we do close for certain weeks (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Please login to your account to view your upcoming deliveries if you ever have any questions regarding when your order will arrive.


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