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Locavore Delivery Foodshed Partner: Sangres Best Beef, Westcliffe, CO

Nov 8, 2017 | Blog, Foodshed Partners

“In the grass-finished beef business, the most important commodity is not the cattle themselves but the grass they eat. At Music Meadows Ranch, home of Sangres Best, we employ sustainable land-management practices and holistic herd management to ensure our range provides the best high-altitude grazing for cattle both now and in the future. These practices ensure your beef is tasty, healthful, and of the highest quality.”

Elin Parker Ganschow, Third Generation Family Rancher

In 2007 the Parker family permanently protected their 4,000-acre ranch from development with a conservation easement through the San Isabel Land Protection Trust. It has been in their family since Bill Parker purchased it in 1968, and it’s Elin’s intention to keep it as a working cattle ranch in perpetuity. Bill recognized early on the importance of stewarding the grass and they continue to follow these guidelines today.

100% Grass-Finished* Beef

*During the weaning process, the calves may be offered grain in addition to their normal diet of pasture-grown grass – think of it as a “comfort food” for them to help reduce stress during the weaning process.  Since these calves are offered a little bit of comfort grain for a very short time, they are labeled as “grass finished” under USDA rules.

Eating Grass-Fed Beef vs. Grain-Fed Beef:

Promotes cardiovascular health through a better balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Higher in key nutrients, including vitamins A, E and several phytonutrients.

Three to five times higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid shown in studies to fight many types of cancer.  CLA has also been associated with healthy weight management.

Contains higher proportions of stearic acid, which does not raise cholesterol levels and may actually help lower them.

Is lower in total fat and calories than grain-fed beef.

Can play a significant role in healthy weight management.

Antibiotic and Hormone Free

Cows are never sent to a feedlot and only graze on native pastures that are not commercially fertilized.  Free-roaming cattle on a natural diet of grass and other forage have a much better quality of life, are much healthier than their feedlot counterparts and are therefore less likely to require medications such as antibiotics.

Herefod, Red Angus and Black Angus Cattle

While good pasture is the foundation of their business, another key to Sangres Best grass-finished beef is the selection of high-quality cattle. Third-generation family rancher and ranch manager, Elin Parker Ganschow, chooses superior Hereford and Angus cattle that exhibit the best characteristics and disposition to thrive on their high-altitude, nutrient-rich ranch pastures.

All processing takes place at a small, family-operated processing plant less than 10 miles from the ranch.

With processing just a short haul or slow cattle drive away, it greatly reduces stress on the cattle.  All beef is vacuum-sealed and flash frozen to maintain optimum flavor and freshness.

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